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Truth in Transparency

Achieve sustainability with
ource-to-consumer supply chain
transparency and groundbreaking technology 

What we do

At ifinca, our mission is to revolutionize supply chain transparency, offering complete visibility from individual farmers to end customers, anytime, anywhere.

Guided by the principle of "truth in transparency," we go beyond industry standards in the coffee supply chain. Unlike others, we directly collaborate with individual farmers instead of relying solely on co-ops.

As the sole company independently tracking the entire coffee supply chain, from farmers' verification to the end consumer, we take pride in our commitment to transparency.


Why Us

ifinca is dedicated to independently verifying sustainable and ethical sourcing claims as an unbiased third party. We prioritize credibility by subjecting buyer and seller claims to rigorous verification, fostering trust among stakeholders.


Through our digital platform, we provide a consumer touchpoint via QR codes, granting access to transparent traceability and sourcing information. This innovative technology ensures supply chain transparency, empowering consumers to make informed choices.

This innovative technology ensures source-to-consumer supply chain transparency, empowering consumers to make informed choice.

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