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Truth in Transparency

Achieve sustainability with source-to-consumer supply chain
transparency and groundbreaking technology 

What we do

Redefining supply chain transparency. 

See every step of your supply chain from an individual farmer to your customer anytime, anywhere.

“Truth in transparency” has fueled ifinca from the beginning to push beyond the status quo in the coffee supply chain. We work with individual farmers, rather than simply co-ops, and are the only company independently tracking the coffee supply chain from the farmers’ verification to coffee drinker.

Our patent-pending distributed ledger technology, CoffeeChain® uses blockchain to record every step and transaction of your supply chain such as shipping, payments and product weight. Most important of all, your supply chain data is safe and accurate.  

We give you real-time data including the exact farm the beans were grown and harvested, as well as farmer’s working conditions. Through our encrypted QR code, you have the information to confirm certifications and sustainability.

Why Us

Supply chain traceability gives you the ability to track and trace specialty coffee and its sections from the specific farmer to your customer. We give you the means to monitor your supply chain activities, identify potential issues, and ensure compliance with regulations and ethical standards anytime and anywhere. 

As a specialty coffee company, you could be impacted by the European Union’s COP27 and the climate policies. Climate change can have a significant impact on coffee production, due to rising temperatures, changing weather patterns, and extreme weather events, affecting the quality and quantity of coffee crops. We can help you support initiatives promoting climate resilience in coffee-growing communities, such as investing in adaptation measures and supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Additionally, consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and social justice, and a transparent supply chain allows them to make informed choices.  With ifinca, your coffee consumers can be confident the coffee they are buying is ethically and sustainably sourced.

Strengthen sustainability

We work with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to ensure transparency and sustainability.
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