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Tracking your supply chain from farmer to consumer in real-time for reliable, auditable data.

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Supply chain transparency begins at the source

In today's competitive market, transparency of the supply chain has transformed from a trend to a critical necessity. It embodies the principle of revealing every step in the product’s journey from the source - the farmer, before the cooperative - to the discerning consumer.

We focus on fostering sustainable ecosystems - a change driven by regulatory mandates, consumer demands, and institutional advocacy.

Please explore our website to discover how to elevate your brand's operations and reputation in today's ethically aware market.

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Real-Time Traceability

Traceability at your fingertips. Our system makes it easy to get accurate, real-time data on crop farmers, cooperatives, and the rest of your supply chain.

Sustainable supply chain

We participated in the USAID-sponsored Coffee for Peace initiative successfully facilitating U.S. coffee buyers’ purchases of coffee through the initiative, from Cooperativa Nuevo Futuro in Colombia’s auca Department.

ifinca is part of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge’s Collective Action Network Members. The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is a collaborative effort of companies, governments, NGOs, research institutions, and others to transition the coffee sector to be fully sustainable.

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Meet the Farmer® Experience

Introduce your customers to your coffee farmer. Using ifinca’s on-product QR code, your customers can learn about the farmer, their farm, the coffee they grow, and what cooperative they work with. Your customers can engage with the farmer and send a thank you or ask questions about their coffee.

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