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Transparency & Integrity

source-to-consumer supply chain

connectivity & ESG verification 

What we do

We unite technology and sustainability, delivering end-to-end supply chain transparency, traceability and connectivity from source to consumer.

With our patent-pending digitalization system, protected digital ledger, and third-party verification, we demonstrate your brand’s integrity and empower clients to make informed decisions from reliable data.

We offer positive, long-lasting value to our clients, while improving communities and reducing risk. 

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Supply Chain & ESG Verification

Digital Web/App Platform

Data as a Service (DaaS) & API's


How we do it 

   Identify and collect data from all           links in your supply chain including       farm level data.

Third-party verification
   Through third-party verification we       ensure products produced are             sustainable and ethically sourced.

   With our patent-pending digitalization       system, we improve your customer's         trust and increase purchases.


Why choose us

Award-winning, patent-pending digitization of soft commodity supply chains.

Peerless source-to-consumer traceable supply chain

Our platform builds trust with your customers anytime, anywhere

Early market success in specialty coffee industry ensuring authentic sustainability 

We help your company to be more  sustainable and avoid risk with real-time data

"Brand in the Hand" Marketing

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