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Truth in Transparency

Data-driven supply chains

Experience the power of ifinca

Revolutionize your supply chain, verify your ethical connections


Establish and nurture trust throughout your supply chain, from origin to final delivery, with ifinca. We empower you to showcase and market your fully transparent supply chain, from the first to the last mile, to your customers.


Why not give ifinca a try? Experience supply chain transparency like never before with our established and impactful program, NextGen-ReGen.

What we do

From grower to consumer, full traceability

We specialize in leveraging technology to assist businesses in overcoming supply chain traceability challenges. Our approach guarantees regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and the fortification of ESG commitments, providing a comprehensive solution for the coffee supply chain.

Why Us

Because sustainability is our DNA

Our cutting-edge software streamlines sustainability reporting by delivering transparent, auditable data. Achieve compliance effortlessly and gain deeper insights into your sustainability efforts.


ifinca is part of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge’s Collective Action Network MembersThe Sustainable Coffee Challenge is a collaborative effort of companies, governments, NGOs, research institutions and others to transition the coffee sector to be fully sustainable.


Dive into the origins of your coffee using our 'Meet the Farmer' QR codes. This revolutionary tech secures traceability in the supply chain, enabling consumers to make educated choices.

Unlock the ifinca advantage

Transparency and traceability redefines the coffee industry


From farm to cup, we provide real-time data that empowers you to make informed decisions, build trust with your customers, and showcase your commitment to sustainability.


Your coffee's journey, fully visible and verified, is now your competitive edge.

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