Producer-Verified Data technology (PVDt)

ifinca's innovation: Empowering producers to authenticate their first mile data

Elevate your brand with ifinca's state-of-the-art SaaS platform, designed to redefine industry standards through unparalleled traceability. Our platform bridges the gap between businesses and the origin of their products, providing access to verified, authentic farm-level data and real-time delivery insights confirmed by the producers themselves.

PVDt - Producer Verified Data

Supply chains struggle to uphold the authenticity of ESG claims without Producer-Verified data. Such verification ensures that claims are based on tangible evidence, mitigating risks of greenwashing and preserving consumer trust.

Transparency through traceability is crucial, as it substantiates companies' environmental and social responsibility assertions.

Lacking verified data from producers also impacts compliance with evolving regulations and consumer confidence. Moreover, it’s essential to engage stakeholders who prioritize ethical consumption.

Producer-Verified data is instrumental in competitive differentiation. It allows companies to benchmark and enhance their ESG performance genuinely, offering a competitive edge in a market that values verified sustainable and ethical practices.

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