Digital Product Passport (DPP)

ifinca's innovation: A Digital Passport
to verify your product’s origins

Setting a new industry benchmark, ifinca's unique B2B2C SaaS platform revolutionizes product traceability, ensuring authenticity and transparency anchored firmly on the foundation of Producer-Verified Data technology (PVDt).

DDP - Digital Product Passport

Revolutionize the way you track and understand our products' journey. This cutting-edge solution ensures complete traceability from producer to consumer by offering a comprehensive digital footprint.

With the ifinca Digital Product Passport, businesses can effortlessly demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, offering consumers transparency like never before.

It empowers supply chain users with detailed insights into their purchases' origin and environmental impact. This fosters trust and loyalty among customers and streamlines compliance with global sustainability standards.

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PVDt - Producer Verified Data

Embracing Producer-Verified Data technology means placing producers as equal partners at the forefront of supply chain accountability. Traditional models depend on intermediaries to report on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) claims and sourcing authenticity.

However, PVDt is pioneering the shift towards pristine data, as the producers validate it at the outset of the supply chain.

The implication is clear: PVDt's reliability is necessary for any claim about ESG or sourcing to be questioned. This level of traceability is the new benchmark for credible sourcing in our interconnected market.

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