Meet the Farmer®

Enhance your brand’s experience by bridging the gap between customers and the source of their coffee, the farmers.

In a world where authenticity sells, ifinca's 'Meet the Farmer®' offers your coffee business the ultimate authentic touch.

Engage with the 78% of consumers who crave a deeper understanding of their coffee's journey and enjoy the rich rewards of their loyalty, which could translate to an increase in your bottom line by 15%.

It’s not just a on-product QR code—it’s a portal to the source of your coffee.
Innovate your customer experience by providing a window into the lives and stories of the farmers for every cup served.
Leverage ifinca's Meet the Farmer® QR code and a custom web page to highlight your product's journey.
Distinguish your product in the crowded market by allowing customers to track its journey and even text the farmers for a more personal connection.
Meet the farmer

Humanize your product

Features like the Meet the Farmer® QR code combined with comprehensive web pages on product provenance enrich the shopping experience and foster consumer dedication to interactive brands.

Brands must stand out in a saturated market, and providing a 'Meet the Farmer' experience offers a distinctive edge over competitors who lack transparency in their supply chain.

Bad and cup from Bwe cafe

Customer & Brand interaction

Most QR codes show the country of origin of their product but Meet the Farmer® is so much more. Our on-product QR code lets customers learn about the farmers, the farms' locations, and the story behind your product.

All these factors combined can increase sales as consumers trust brands that provide this level of detail and assurance about their products.

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