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iFinca is the only company independently tracing the supply chain
from the individual farmers' verification to the consumer.

The iFinca mobile platform uses CoffeeChain®, a protected digital ledger system, with encrypted QR codes, verification monitoring, data security, and accuracy. Our tools and services are scalable and capture sustainability information throughout the product’s supply chain.

With the iFinca platform you receive free access to global farm-gate prices for specialty green coffee.


We give you real-time information including the exact farm the beans were grown and harvested, working conditions of the farmers and insights to verify authenticity such as certifications and sustainability.

Gathering farm-level data, we use a protected digital ledger to ensure accurate data and show each step of your product’s journey – from farmer, supply chain, brand to customer -  with our mobile application and encrypted QR code.


Meet the Farmer, our consumer facing QR code, narrates the powerful story of your product’s journey. Build a vibrant, authentic relationship with your customers as they meet and interact with the farmer who grew their coffee and verify their coffee is truly ethical and sustainable.

Show your product’s intricate journey, future-proof production and positively impact agricultural communities.

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