We securely capture supply chain data
and offer scalability and interoperability.

Track your supply chain from the primary farmer to consumer in real-time. Consolidate reliable, auditable, traceability data into one place.
Collect and report your sustainability and responsible business practices.
Differentiate your product by sharing traceability with your customers. Build trust across the entire supply chain.

E-passport for your product

With upcoming laws and regulations tracking your product is more than a nice-to-have it's a must-have. Using patent-pending process, you have an E-passport that serves as a dynamic record of your product's journey from field to cup and gives you reliable, auditable data, in real-time, anywhere including geolocation.

A woman and man with ipad and computer
Bad and cup from Bwe cafe

Meet the Farmer®

Many QR codes show the country’s origin of their product but Meet the Farmer® is so much more. With our on-product QR code, customers can learn about the farmer, the farm’s location and size, the cooperative the farmer works with, and about product.

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