ifinca: Pioneering Producer-Verified Data technology in the specialty coffee realm

Article Date
April 2, 2024
Alexander Barrett
International Press Release

(April 2, 2024 – Washington, DC) In an industry-first, ifinca proudly announces its unique position as the only B2B2C Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers a full-circle approach to coffee traceability with a cornerstone of its patent-pending Producer-Verified Data technology (PVDt). As a leader in revolutionizing coffee sourcing, ifinca delivers unparalleled transparency from source to consumer, solidifying trust in the specialty coffee industry.

With ethical sourcing and transparent trade at the forefront of consumer concerns, ifinca responds with an innovative solution that empowers every stakeholder in the coffee supply chain. Through its US patent pending technology, ifinca is setting new standards by ensuring initial delivery data is verified by producers, thus fostering authentic connections between farmers, brands, and consumers.

Ethical and sustainable sourced green coffee with Producer-Verified-Data technology (PVDt) powered by ‘Meet the Farmer®’ - ifinca.co/mtf

Producer-Verified Data technology (PVDt): The Source of Trust

In a world where claims of sustainability and ethical sourcing are plenty, ifinca stands out by backing up these claims with verifiable evidence directly from the source. Producer-Verified Data technology (PVDt) is not just a feature—it's the foundation of ifinca's digital platform, assuring brands that their coffee is sourced with integrity.

Embracing this technology means placing producers at the forefront of supply chain accountability as equal partners. Traditional models depend on intermediaries to report on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and sourcing authenticity.

However, PVDt is pioneering the shift towards pristine data, as it is validated by the producers themselves, right at the outset of the supply chain. The implication is clear: without the reliability that PVDt offers, any claim pertaining to ESG or sourcing should be questioned. This level of traceability is the new bench mark for credible sourcing in our interconnected market.

Transparency: From the Ground Up

ifinca's platform provides a digital passport for every batch of coffee, detailing its journey and offering detailed data throughout the entire supply chain. This not only ensures compliance with government regulations but also enables brands to build stories of real human impact and environmental stewardship around their products.

For Coffee Businesses and Consumers Alike

As the only B2B2C SaaS platform with a PVDt system combined with an on-product QR code, ifinca is the bridge between business efficiency and consumer conscience. Coffee businesses now have a robust tool to showcase their commitment to ethical sourcing, while consumers gain access to the origin stories behind their favorite brews, fostering a deeper appreciation and connection with their global coffee neighbors.

The Future of Coffee is Verified

"ifinca is transforming the coffee industry by bringing transparency and producer verification to the forefront," said Alexander Barrett, Founder & CEO at ifinca. "Our mission is to ensure that every cup of coffee enjoyed around the world carries ESG claims that are independently verified. With our platform, we are empowering everyone in the supply chain to be part of a verified narrative of positive impact."

As ifinca continues to innovate and lead the charge in ethical green coffee sourcing, it invites coffee businesses to be part of this transformative journey. The company's commitment to connecting the specialty coffee community with traceable and verified ESG claims is not just changing the industry—it's enhancing the way the world experiences coffee.

About ifinca

ifinca is a trailblazing B2B2C SaaS platform dedicated to advancing the specialty coffee industry through technology. By providing tools for transparent supply chains, PVDt and on-product QR codes, ifinca is committed to building a more equitable and sustainable future for coffee.

For more information about ifinca and its services, please visit www.ifinca.co or contact info@ifinca.co