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From the farmer to your coffee cup


With ifinca, the power of traceability is at your fingertips. We offer you real-time access to a treasure trove of information, unveiling the very origins of your product – from the lush fields where they were meticulously nurtured and skillfully harvested to the passionate farmers and their environmentally conscious farms. Moreover, we empower you to authenticate certifications and substantiate sustainability claims.

Experience the revolution through our cutting-edge mobile application and the magic of QR codes. We aren't just about agricultural products; we're about transparency served on a silver platter. Every step of your product's voyage, from the dedicated hands of the farmers to the visionary companies, and ultimately to your eagerly waiting consumer, is now unveiled in vivid detail, empowering you with unparalleled insight and assurance.

Meet the Farmer®

Discover "Meet the Farmer®," an informative QR code that connects you directly to the coffee growers.


This feature provides transparency about the origin and practices behind your coffee. You can also reach out to the farmer with questions, show your appreciation for their product, or learn more about their farming methods.

_Meet the Farmer__Demo_2023.png
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