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About us

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

In 2018, Alexander Barrett moved to Colombia to study coffee and supply chains. After years of conversations with coffee industry people, including farmers and intense research, he transitioned from his career as a successful architect to supply chain technology. During the meetings with coffee farmers, he discovered the exceedingly low prices farmers were paid for their crops, rampant “greenwashing,” and the lack of genuine supply chain transparency among many other problems within the industry.

Alexander created ifinca to help coffee farmers and the industry thrive as well as improving the environment, coffee quality and making sure coffee drinkers can buy truly sustainable and ethical coffee.

At ifinca, we work with farmers, roasters, exporters, importers, and cafes who aspire to create a sustainable future for specialty coffee. The passion of people who want to make a difference in the lives of farmers, the environment and strive to make eco-friendly purchases inspires us.

We believe everyone benefits from sustainable and ethical practices and together we can improve our environment and create resilient, vibrant communities.

Like you, when we purchase coffee that says it is sustainable, organic and pays the farmer a fair income – we don’t want to hope that it’s true, we want to know that it is!   

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