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The ifinca advantage

Trace your coffee's journey from farm to cup and enjoy these exclusive benefits:


  • Track your supply chain from farmer to cup in real time

  • Consolidate traceability data into one place

  • Collect and report your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliance requirements

  • Differentiate your product by sharing traceability with your customers

  • Build trust across the entire supply chain

  • Market traceable and transparent goods

  • Associate sustainability data with traceable goods

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The ifinca digital platform gives you:

  • Real-time delivery data verified by the farmer

  • Verified farmgate prices

  • Verified farm-level data – comprehensive farm information and geolocation

  • View every participant in the coffee supply chain, accessible anytime, anywhere

  • Tracks your coffee's journey in real-time

  • And more

  • Meet the Farmer® empowers you to:

  • Differentiate your coffee from others

  • Market your coffee’s sustainability with the tap of an app

  • Show the fascinating story of your coffee's journey

  • Connect your customers with the farmers

  • See your coffee is truly ethical and sustainable

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Free access to a cutting-edge solution, delivering verified global farmgate prices categorized by country, coffee variety, and cup score. CoffeeChain platform equips decision-makers with the precise green coffee data they need, effectively erasing the information gap in the market.

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