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NextGen - ReGen

A transparent supply chain ensures
next generation coffee farmers

ifinca is working to ensure there is a next generation of coffee growers to regenerate sustainable coffee crops through a transparent supply chain. Why?

According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development:

  • In 2021, 80% of the 12.5 million farms in the global coffee sector are small coffee farms

  • The average age of a coffee farmer is 60

  • 80% of next-generation coffee farmers are turning away from coffee farming because they are unable to make a living income

  • There is a possible 64% drop in global coffee production in 2030

How? Through real-time access to crucial information, we provide comprehensive details about the farms where your coffee beans are grown and harvested. Our encrypted QR code enables you to verify certifications, sustainability practices, and farm-gate prices, granting unmatched visibility and confidence.

To put this to the test, in 2021  we participated in Coffee for Peace, a United States Agency of International Development (USAID) initiative in Colombia. This alliance ofcoffee farmers and market partners were created to develop, facilitate and promote the trade of traceable coffees. During this program, we established we could trace coffee from the exact
farmer who grew and harvested the coffee beans all the way to the consumer’s cup.

In partnership with:

  • State of Antioquia, Colombia

  • Cluster Café Medellín and Antioquia

  • Chamber of Commerce of Medellin, Colombia

  • Coffee Certifications

  • National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia

  • iFinca

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