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Explore Common Queries: Your ifinca FAQs Demystified

Is ifinca an importer or exporter of green coffee?

ifinca is not a traditional importer or exporter of green coffee, nor do we buy or sell coffee products. We facilitate connections between all stakeholders in the coffee industry. ifinca's main emphasis is on leveraging technology to provide visibility into the coffee supply chain, enabling users to trace the origin of coffee beans, ensure ethical sourcing, and promote transparency.


Can our business work with my current supply chain?

Absolutely! At ifinca, we celebrate collaboration and understand the importance of your existing relationships. We welcome the opportunity to work with your current supply chain to ensure a seamless integration and a shared commitment to transparency and authenticity.

How do I know if a farm-gate price is good or bad?

With ifinca powered by CoffeeChain technology, transparency is at your fingertips! The CoffeeChain platform provides real-time access to comprehensive data, including farm-gate prices. You can make informed decisions by comparing current prices with market trends and historical data. We empower you to assess whether a farm-gate price is competitive and fair, ensuring transparency and fairness in every transaction. Trust the CoffeeChain technology to guide you in distinguishing good from bad, making your coffee sourcing experience not just reliable but revolutionary.

What is the purpose of ifinca and how can it revolutionize my supply chain?

ifinca serves the purpose of revolutionizing supply chains, by providing a comprehensive platform that enhances transparency and traceability. The platform allows users to trace the journey of products from individual farmers to end consumers, fostering trust and accountability in the supply chain. ifinca's innovative technology improves efficiency by streamlining processes, ensuring quality assurance through real-time monitoring, and opening up new market opportunities for farmers. By offering a transparent view of the supply chain, iFinca not only meets the growing demand for ethical and sustainable sourcing but also engages consumers, building brand loyalty.

How does ifinca ensure transparency and traceability in the coffee industry?


ifinca ensures transparency and traceability in the coffee industry by leveraging a digital platform that employs protected digital technology to record and authenticate each stage of the coffee supply chain. Through digital profiles for individual farmers, real-time data capture, and unique identifiers such as QR codes, ifinca enables stakeholders to trace the origin, cultivation practices, and certifications of coffee beans. This interconnected and automated system facilitates collaboration among various actors in the supply chain, providing accurate, up-to-date information to consumers and ensuring adherence to ethical and sustainable standards. iFinca's commitment to utilizing technology for comprehensive data tracking establishes a transparent and traceable journey for coffee, meeting the increasing consumer demand for responsible and transparent sourcing practices.

What are the benefits of using ifinca's platform for my business and how does it align with ESG standards?

Utilizing ifinca's platform for your business offers multifaceted benefits, including enhanced supply chain transparency, improved traceability, and streamlined operations. By leveraging protected digital technology, ifinca enables real-time tracking of coffee beans from individual farmers to end consumers, fostering trust and accountability. This not only meets the growing consumer demand for ethically sourced products but also aligns with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. The platform supports sustainability by providing visibility into farming practices, promoting fair trade, and verifying certifications. Moreover, iFinca facilitates direct communication between stakeholders, contributing to community engagement and ethical business practices.

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