Connect with the farmers behind each cup of coffee.

Authentic stories & real people.

Over two-thirds of consumers aged 19 to 24 want sustainably grown and responsibly sourced products.

National Coffee Association |

Add value to each cup of coffee with verified information

With iFinca’s QR code, you can share authentic stories and accurate data about real farmers.

Make decisions with more information

Obtain data you can trust so you can make informed choices. Scan the Meet the Farmer QR code to learn the whole story behind your coffees, down to how much the farmer was paid. You’ll have access to your coffee’s journey from bean to cup in unprecedented detail.

Tell the real story behind your coffee

The QR code allows you to share real stories of where your coffee came from and the farmers who produced it. Rather than generic facts about the region, you’ll be able to market each coffee as a unique and ethical product.

Your brand’s custom code will also lead consumers to your very own mobile-optimized web page where they can learn more.

Connect consumers and producers

Consumers want to know that their coffee is sustainable and that producers earn a living income. Now you can show them.

Demonstrate a coffee’s real value

By sharing this information with consumers, they’ll understand that they’re buying not just a quality coffee but also an ethical one.

You can help forge a better future

Learn how the prices paid for your farmers’ coffee stack up against the global average and cost of production.

We can drive up the price paid to farmers in two ways: by streamlining the information trail in the supply chain in a way that cuts costs and by adding value to the final product through sharing verified information with the customer. You benefit and so does the farmer.

With special attention to the first mile of the coffee supply chain, we guarantee equitable prices for farmers through transparency and traceability.