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Meet the Farmer®



Every cup begins with care, for the ecosystem, the future and the farmer's community.

It’s all about the experience…

Consumers would rather pay for an “immersive coffee experience” rather than a simple cup of coffee. In recent years, there has been a shift towards an experience-led coffee purchasing, where specialty coffee brands can offer unique interactive experiences in an attempt to not only entice new customers, but to improve loyalty amongst existing clients.

Developing the right coffee experience…

Traditionally, coffee transparency has been sub-par. However, this will no longer be accepted by the modern consumer. We are becoming coffee connoisseurs and conscious consumers. In order to maximize on the potential returns of offering a coffee experience, you must be certain that you’re providing a great cup of coffee, a direct connection with the farmer and the story behind that cup. It won’t matter if you have the best coffee beans in the world if you lack the ability to share bean sourcing information and transparency.

With Meet the Farmer QR code, consumers can enjoy a whole new experience. Not only can they have access to your coffee’s journey from bean to cup in unprecedented detail. And directly connect with the farmer and learn about their farms...  you can even ask questions and chat with the them.
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Brand in the Hand

The growing popularity of cell phones and other hand-held mobile devices has opened up new marketing possibilities.

Research from 22 studies concluded people are willing to pay $1.36 more for a pound of coffee that's produced in a transparent and traceable way. (Journal Heliyon)

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As brand use our QR code to connect with you consumers, build trust and tell a powerful narrative behind each cup of coffee.


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